Producer / DJ

Traveler is a live electronic act out of Southern California that produces and plays a unique blend of blissful pop, disco & psychedelic bass. Lead by musician/DJ, Zander the group was created in 2011 and has gained a healthy underground following among festival kids, ravers and music industry heads. Zander’s musical vision and dedication to staying true to his underground roots is what drives Traveler to this day.

Traveler has opened for major headlining acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Flume, Seven Lions, Odesza, Autograf, Emancipator and others. Their unique live act straddles the line between live instrumentation and DJ performance, infusing elements of guitar & percussion with Zander’s sampling and keyboard playing. While their live act has a distinct pop sensibility that’s extremely danceable, they also maintain elements of improvisation that make each show a unique and highly enjoyable experience.

Traveler has performed at key festivals including Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino; Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara; and Envision Festival in Costa Rica, as well as at nightclubs including Avalon in Los Angeles and Eos in Santa Barbara. You can find them on Soundcloud at